Why the IRS did nothing wrong

If I remember correctly, and it HAS been awhile since I was in first grade, but isn’t 75 out of 300 only 25%? I don’t quite think that is what it means to single someone out. In fact, doesn’t it mean the exact opposite? There are 225 of applications that were selected because of reasons other than having “tea party” or “constitutional” in their name. That hardly sounds like singled out. So, how could there have been any possible political motivation behind these actions?

501(c) status has been a major controversy in the past decade. Seriously, how is THAT not the controversy? Political action groups trying to use loopholes in the tax code to circumvent campaign funding laws – something that SHOULD be taken extremely seriously. Since when did the IRS looking into tax fraud become a scandal? Seriously America… I expected more of you. But yet again, here I sit disappointed.


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