D-Bags in Buffalo

So I was in Buffalo, NY for business recently, and let me tell you, this place is d-bag central.

One of the clients I was meeting with decided to drag me to an awful bar filled with guys who looked like they desperately wanted to be in fraternities in college. You know the type: Popped collars and backwards baseball hats, arguing about who has the best pizza in Buffalo, fantasizing about their opinions mattering to the owners of major league sports franchises. Yeah, those kinda d-bags. We’re not even talking about the contemporary, Jersey Shore inspired spray-on tan d-bags. No, these are Buffalo d-bags.

Remember this classic meme?:

Yeah, this city is FULL of dudes like that…in 2013.

A couple gems I overhead this weekend:

“Yo bra, I just put 20-inch spinner rims on my Cavalier baby! Girls gone wild? You know it!”

“Me and my girlfriend are celebrating our third anniversary, so let’s all do a shot of Black Velvet! I got her two super mighty tacos earlier. TWO.”

“I’m gonna bench press your mom dude.”

Stay away, stay far away.


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